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SimpleDwell Has Started

We have launched a major work in progress yesterday. This will be a 2 year (planned for 2 years) adventure/experiment. We are building a tiny footprint community in the mountains. It will be a collaborative effort of many.simpledwell FB Cover Photo

Temp logo until we other stuff sorted out.

What are the benefits of living small? What are the known and unknown headaches that come with living tiny? The hope is to provide a different kind of living that gives freedoms of time and money. The freedoms to enjoy life while you live it. Not when you can't. The hope is that this can be replicated anywhere not everywhere. Places like weather torn towns, seasonal workers, students, business owners, us...we shall see and so shall you if you wish.

Starting from fresh land to hopefully show the benefits of both financially and living small. This could be replicated in different places for different reasons. Just got to prove it. Then share how to do things and how not. Will have plenty of those. We have a documentary crew that is interested in filming once a quarter and all the residents will document the experience as they wish.

We are focused on getting some land within 45min of Denver and Boulder. We will still be doing all the "work" we have and will continue to grow TILT (creative stuff we do). Currently the best spots are in or around Idaho Springs, CO. Pictures and videos to follow on

When: Now. Looking for land, renting until we find the right spot.

Who: To start, my middle son Mason and I. Have up to 10 others interested in using the land I find. Time will tell.

How: Tiny homes for living, modular builds for more than one. Build community space for a garden, a solar power grid and a satellite data network for the area.

Feel free to follow, join in the conversation, share what you know and ask what you don't.

Ford Galaxie 500 XL. Larimer Lounge RiNo District

Thumbnail : Ford Galaxie 500 XL. Larimer Lounge RiNo District

A sweet Galaxie 500 XL parked down the street outside Larimer Lounge.

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Glorious Skull Pickup Truck

Thumbnail : Glorious Skull Pickup Truck

I don’t really know what else to say.

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ZR Hoverboard

Thumbnail : ZR Hoverboard

A must have, read more here:

ZR Hoverboard $5,850 USD

American Student Gets Trapped In Giant Vagina Sculpture – NBC News

Thumbnail : American Student Gets Trapped In Giant Vagina Sculpture – NBC News

I'm just glad the headline said sculpture. It would be far to easy to pun this out or come up with one liners. If you ...

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A Tiny House Needs A Tiny Dahon Folding Bike

Thumbnail : A Tiny House Needs A Tiny Dahon Folding Bike

My good friend Heatheryn and I went to a distant thrift store to pick up a purchase she found. It was a kick ass find, a type set cabinet.

While loading it into my Jeep, a couple pulled up and dropped of a cool looking bike. It reminded ...

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VW: Karmann Ghia. RiNo District

Thumbnail : VW: Karmann Ghia. RiNo District

Just outside my place on RiNo. Lovely car. I had one on my list of cars I have owned.

Studebaker Truck

Thumbnail : Studebaker Truck

Saw this one just outside Denver on the way to mountains with a stop to see my Dad. Don’t know the area well.

I do love this Studebaker. Saw one on American Pickers the other day that was very similar in year.

Honda Motorcycle. RiNo.

Thumbnail : Honda Motorcycle. RiNo.

I don’t know much about motorcycles but this one caught my eye.

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Favorite Commercials Running Right Now: Dish and Kayak

Thumbnail : Favorite Commercials Running Right Now: Dish and Kayak

Below are my 2 favorite ads, that I have seen recently a few times. "That's a little jazzy."

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