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Medical Marijuana. The Green Cross Works For Me.

JRS and I wanted to share my story about getting better. Jeremy is a dear friend and talented beyond words. He has seen the last 14 years change me for better or worse. The only people that have seen more is my direct family.  I have shared how I got here, you can read it here if you wish.  So Jeremy has added his POV so that it’s not just me. With that said, below is a combo post on the subject of medical marijuana.


I’m not going to go into much detail about how I ended up here; I have posted about it many times and will just point you there if you want the background story.

- I’m not a doctor.
- I’m not a pot head.
- I have been cut open more times than you and your family combined (likely).
- I have tried everything the medical industry has thrown at me and put in me.
- I will try most things to rid my mind of pain receptors.
- I am not your typical human being, medically speaking (this is not a plus).
- Very little gets me down.

With that being said, a few times my chronic pain has put me desperate situations. I have passed out from pain, I have woken up crying….you name it, it sucks, it hurts and it never goes away. Like being stuck with a 6” butcher knife into the chest all day kind of pain. Funny thing is, you get used to it. You tolerate it. You deal with it, you walk funny, hide it as much as possible (to not make other uncomfortable with your pain) and sometimes you sit as still as possible because if you move you will feel that feeling again.

All that bullshit out of the way, I have had just under 20 surgeries, spinal taps, injections into the chest…you name it, I have had it.


Last surgery to get all the equipment out of me was late last year.

Nothing will take the chronic pain away (well except chronic, ironically). Nothing helped. I took everything they could give me for 25 years. I really tried. I needed help. I needed relief. I take it daily now for regular pain which is a 4-6 and nothing hit my 8-10 pain level. I’m basically stuck in bed at that point.blogimage

The severe pain will never go away, I can only manage it. It still wakes me many times a night but I’m settled. Nothing to do but get by at this point.

I took it upon myself to try MM, living in CO it was easy to try and had nothing to lose. No doctor suggested it.

I went and got a Red Card (needed for MM). The only real difference in MM and RM is how much you can buy and the cost is less for medical. First time in history that has happened.

I walked in to a dispensary and told them my pain, what kind, how, where…the long story. They suggested I try a mix of things to see what take the pain away with still being able to function.

Tried I did. I tried everything they had. At different times and different mixes of edibles, vapor and buds.

After a month, we found the right mix. Mostly indica’s which give you a “body high” not a “head high”. In fact I have not gotten high once since taking MM. Everyone digests edibles differently so it is trial and error. Find the right mix before doing anything. Just like medicine you get from your doc.

For the last 3 -4 months I have been pain free enough to get up with little to no pain in the morning. I eat a 200mg edible at 10pm and the pain is not there in the morning even if I don’t sleep that night.

I have a MM drink during the day.  If needed, I will vapor oil extract smoke for quick relief but it doesn’t last very long. I have all the equipment to make my own oil for drinks and other edibles.

DSCN0729_thumbFor severe pains that I have only edibles work long enough.

I am not on anything else. No pharmaceuticals, no booze, no pain killers of any kind besides MM.

It has been bloody amazing. Keep in mind at one point I was taking about 8,000mg of about 6 different drugs a day. Killing my guts with pain pills, drinking Pepto to get by, mood altering drugs…so many a day it wasn’t hungry. I did lose some weight.

I still have the pass-out pain in my chest cavity, mostly heart side, but my daily pain is manageable. Maybe I will start running again soon.

I’m not pushing MM on anyone but anyone that saw me before and knows me after can attest to how well it has worked and I’m going to share with anyone that will listen.

Before you give up on pain relief, try MM. Please. If it helps you, like it has me, you will be amazed at quality of life you can get back. That is, if it works for you.

If you have a stigma about MM, don’t, just try a 10mg gummy chew. If it doesn’t work, you have lost nothing and you might gain so much more.  I’m not a doctor but it can’t hurt. Try at your own risk but I wanted to share my experience.img_1659_wide-f8695fda1f377b6f4e38d06a46327a3848b77ace-s40-c85

Photo from Botanico, one of the dispensaries that helped me find the right mix.

Being entrepreneurs, we will have products and ideas for this emerging huge industry.1510850_10151836288506459_1446772965_n

If you come to Denver, I have been to about 50 dispensaries and visited with many growers, owners and MM experts and can share what I know. The best Medical Marijuana Dispensaries are listed below.  This is too big to go away and it’s helping many people like me. Before you have surgery, take a weekend in CO and see if you can avert a knife.

Please share if it can help even just one person. If you have questions, please contact us.


About 2 years ago in Seattle, the “Green Crosses” started showing up near my neighborhood. Near my kids’ school, and near my favorite taco stand and my local hardware store. I knew the dispensaries had arrived, with their MM and their very quiet business practices. I wasn’t worried about them, “hey, it doesn’t affect me", and figured that, “the potheads won’t really hurt anyone.” I was under-informed, and didn’t do much to get educated – I didn’t need what they were selling.

green-cross-signNow, let’s move ahead to May of 2013. I went to visit Stuart, my friend and business partner, in Colorado. Near his neighborhood, I saw a few of the Green Crosses as well. “Right, because MM is legal here as well,” I thought. Didn’t think much of it, but at the same time, I saw my friend hunched-over and struggling to keep pace walking down the street with me to his local coffee shop. He was in the most pain I had seen him in in years, and it hurt me to see him hurt so much. But, he hadn’t connected the green crosses with his pain.

Finally, fast-forward to September of 2013. Stuart had received his Red Card, and was using medical marijuana in various forms. Tuning it to figure out the best mix to manage his pain. Not only was he walking upright down the same street he had struggled down before, he was bounding, to his coffee shop – arms flailing, and his smile had returned full-bore. There’s the guy that I had met in 2000, when he hired me – the guy who was in pain then, but hid it fairly well. In fact, he was better than when I met him.

I’ve told others that I voted to legalize marijuana in Washington, and I did it to give people a choice. Now, after seeing Stuart, I will sing its praises from the rooftops. I’ve seen it change my friend’s life for the better. I’ll be interested to see where we’ll take this as a country, beyond Washington and CO.

For a very mainstream look at this, check out Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s CNN documentary “Weed” from August 2013.



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  • A great post and I'm so glad you're finding relief, Stuart. I was shocked when I read that none of your doctors had ever suggested MM. Hard to fathom, and disappointing. How much better you must feel being off the knockout pill cocktail while reclaiming many of life's small and large joys. I cannot even imagine, so I won't. I'll just say -- good thoughts continue your way.

  • Ted and I met you many years ago at Sara & Jeremy's house in Prairie Village. Jeremy has told us about the many back surgeries and relentless pain you have endured over the years, and it makes me wince just to think about it. Thank God you had the wisdom to pursue MM as an option for managing your pain. I pray that it continues to do the job and gives you the freedom to live your life as you choose. Given the opportunity, I will use my vote to make MM available to others. God bless you, Stuart.
    Kathy Graff, mother-in-law to your biggest fan and faithful friend, Jeremy.

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