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Mid-Mod Mall & Art In The RiNo District

image1 (1)Mason (middle son) and I went for a drive after he got out of school to check out a few things. We stopped at Mid-Mod in the RiNo District of downtown Denver, just a few blocks over but it’s not easy to walk over, until they put the walk bridge up over the railroad tracks.

This is by far one of the better Mid-century Modern places I visited.

The place (over 9,000 sq. ft.) is filled with many things from all time periods but mostly midcentury modern.

The owners are great. Fun and interesting couple that seem to love what they do. Very lucky to walk in on this day and meet both of them.  Check them out, they are worth a visit if you are from out of town.

The prices are very reasonable but the people, space and items should be seen in person. You will spend an  hour and not know it.


Here is a little something I pulled from the blog about Mid-Mod Mall and Art.


Mid-Century Furniture & Art Gallery
3434 Brighton Blvd   DENVER, CO 80216
Hours:   Tues.-Sat. 11AM-6PM     Sun. 12PM-5PM
Closed Monday
Email us at




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  • Very cool, I always love these places. I have a very similar Marantz receiver. The sound it puts out shames my new Denon; I need to figure out a way to run HDMI through it.

    There's a store like this in KC, thanks for the reminder. I need to get down there again soon.

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    I have a bunch more pictures. Found a few other places and will post them. So worth visiting. Thanks for the comment Steve.

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    Steve, I also have a Marantz of about the same era, given to me by Ryan Cochran years ago, when his dad gave him his McIntosh (yes, all tube) system. Paired with a set of BW speakers I found at a garage sale in Olathe, the Marantz still sounds amazing. Stuart and I had it in the office we shared in Seattle.

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