Golf Clash Tips and Tricks for Beginners

If you ask me which is the best golf simulator game on mobile platform nowadays, then my answer will be Golf Clash. Golf Clash is a really addictive and a fun game that you can download from app stores for free. Today, we are going to provide you some valuable Golf Clash tips and tricks that will help you in getting a good headstart in the game. So, without any further ado let’s start.

Golf Clash Tips and Tricks to make you a pro!

Master the timing: – If you want to get best out of your shots then you have to master the art of timing. The trick for getting a perfect timing is to leave the ball a little before the needle hits the center. But it requires practice. So, keep playing more games and try to land a perfect shot everytime you shoot. You will master the timing quickly.

Don’t believe the AI: – The game automatically decides the best trajectory for your shot. But don’t trust the game blindly. Look around and see if you can find a better trajectory which will lead the ball to a better position.

Upgrade your gears: – Upgrading your gears will give you an advantage over your opponents. But I will advise you to only update those gears which you use often as earning in-game currency can be a little hard in the initial phase of the game.

Don’t ignore the achievements: – Many beginners ignore the achievements. I will advise you to focus more on achievements as it can get you free gems which are really hard to get otherwise. That’s why you should try to complete achievements and play your game accordingly.

Free chests: – You can earn a free Platinum chest by linking your Facebook account to the game. Also, after every 8 putts, you get to earn a Pin Chest. And not to forget about the free chest that you get after every 4 hours. Use these chests and enjoy your game.

Golf Clash Hack – Is it real?

You may have seen many websites offering you a golf clash hack with which you can earn unlimited amounts of gems and gold in Golf Clash game. Let me tell you these hacks, cheats, and generators are totally fake! Never fall into their trap. You are asked to provide your account information and complete a human verification or survey in order to get your free Gold and Gems. But when you complete these tasks you don’t get anything in return but the owner of the site makes some bucks from your actions. All the Golf Clash Generators online are totally fake and should not be trusted.


So, we provided you with some Golf Clash tips and tricks that you can apply in your game and start your journey towards becoming a pro in this game. Remember practice is the only way you can improve yourself. These golf clash tips just give you a direction to work towards. We will keep updating you with more tips till then stay tuned!